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  • Balram Deshwal

A Journey of Knowledge and Discovery 

Hi Everyone! I’m Balram Deshwal from India. I'm pursuing my Master’s in Business Administration. As a student at Lincoln University, I recently had the opportunity to join the San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) tour.

On the tour, we witnessed multiple weddings at SF City Hall, explored the 6-floor SF Public Library (Main Branch), ate lunch together at the Ferry Building, and returned to Oakland by Ferry Boat.

After introducing ourselves to the group, we first went to San Francisco City Hall. We spent about an hour exploring the building. Everyone took lots of pictures of the beautiful architecture and surroundings and we learned about the history and significance of City Hall. This detour was a memorable experience, setting a positive tone for the rest of our trip. 

Stepping foot into SFPL, I was struck by its grandeur and architectural beauty. The towering columns and intricate facades exude a sense of history and importance. I learned that in addition to the huge collection of books covering diverse topics, the library has many online learning resources, such as databases, e-books, educational videos, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy courses. This discovery illuminated the accessibility and convenience of education through digital means.

Walking through the winding stacks inside the library, I found all sorts of books, from old classics to modern stories, covering every topic one can think of. It was like a big feast for the mind, with something for everyone.

I picked up the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. It's a bestseller that delves into what makes some companies exceptional and how they sustain success over the long term.  Whether seeking research assistance or simply a quiet space to study, patrons of all backgrounds were made to feel right at home.  

A standout moment was exploring the vast resources on American history and culture. As an international student, immersing myself in these materials offers valuable insights into the diverse fabric of American society, enriching my understanding of this adopted homeland.

The San Francisco Public Library also serves as a hub of cultural enrichment, with its vibrant calendar of events and exhibitions. From author readings to film screenings, there is always something intriguing happening. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of the San Francisco Public Library is its accessibility to all, offering free library cards to California residents who wish to explore its resources. As an international student, this gesture of inclusivity was particularly meaningful to me.

Leaving the San Francisco Public Library, I felt amazed and thankful for how much books and learning can change us. This visit was informative and made me feel a stronger bond with San Francisco's rich culture.



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