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Meet Zorana: Student, Peer Tutor & Coffee Connoisseur

Ms. Zorana Milovanovic became a peer tutor for Lincoln University's Academic Success Center in 2021. She coaches students in Math and English. In April 2023, Zorana shared her experience as a tutor with the Lincoln Chronicle.

Editor: "Tell us about yourself, your hobbies and interests, and what you are studying

at Lincoln."

Zorana: "I’m an international undergraduate student from Belgrade, Serbia. My major is international business. Before I came to Lincoln, I graduated in accounting and auditing, which is my passion, and I’m pursuing my career in accounting. My hobbies and interests... Well, I’m a huge coffee lover, and I love exploring new places with amazing coffee. I love reading, doing research, and learning new skills."

Editor: "What motivated you to become a tutor?"

Zorana: "I love helping other people anyway I can, so becoming a tutor was an obvious choice for me."

Editor: What do you do as a peer tutor?

Zorana: "As a peer tutor, I’m helping undergraduate students understand the subject better. I explain things that confuse them; we go to problem-solving exercises together; and I always give them extra materials and tips that were useful to me when I was studying the same subject."

Editor: "How long have you been tutoring students at Lincoln?"

Zorana: "I have been tutoring students for three semesters."

Editor: "What are two things you love about tutoring?"

Zorana: "My students and the ability to transfer knowledge and help them."

Editor: "What are challenges you came across with students while tutoring?"

Zorana: "The biggest challenge for me was when I came across a problem-solving exercise that I don’t know how to solve and needed to explain it to other students. None of us are professionals, so things like this happen sometimes."

Editor: "How do you measure your students' progress?"

Zorana: "I’m not a professor, so I’m not grading them. My job is to help them excel in their studies. But I’m happiest when I see them able to do some tasks without my help that previously they didn’t know how to do at all."

Editor: "How has the Academic Success Center helped your development?"

Zorana: "Being a tutor helped me revise everything that I had learned. It made me see what my pain points are, and it helped me overcome them. The Academic Success Center made all of that happen. As a part of the ASC, I participated in the creation of the ASC Welcome Video, which advanced my public speaking skills. I was also awarded the Outstanding Tutor Award two semesters in a row. All of this gave me a jump start in my internship search and professional career."

Editor: "In your opinion, what are the three top qualities required to be a good tutor?"

Zorana: "Patience, respect, and a clear desire to help students achieve their maximum potential."

Editor: "What suggestions would you like to give students who want to be tutors?"

Zorana: If you want to be a tutor, prepare materials like a professor would, approach students like a friend would, and do your best to prepare them for the next midterm or final. Make your student feel comfortable with you, and try to make your tutoring sessions fun. Encourage your students and let them know they can pass that exam.

Editor: "What will you miss the most about this job after you graduate?"

Zorana: "I will miss my students the most. I had so much fun tutoring them online and in person."

Are you interested in meeting with a peer tutor? Or, becoming a peer tutor? Find out more about the services offered through the Academic Success Center.



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