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  • Riya Shrestha

Navigating Two Worlds: The Life of a Nepalese Girl in America

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and difficult, especially when it involves leaving behind everything you've ever known. I grew up in a small city in Nepal, surrounded by family and friends who shared my cultural background.

Back in my country, I had my own online printing startup, called "Cushions and Creations,” in which we customized cushions, phone cases, t-shirts, cups, and many gift items. I did my undergraduate degree in social work, but my interest in business was growing daily. I realized that an MBA degree would be great for my future career.

I always had a fascination with America, and dreamed of one day traveling there to experience the opportunities and freedoms that the country represented. When the moment presented itself for me to study in the U.S., I knew I needed to grab it. I worked hard, passed the interview, and made it here.

I am glad that I am currently pursing my MBA degree at Lincoln University. It has offered me the opportunity to study in the U.S. and to fulfill my dreams. I also got the chance to work at Lincoln University Library, which always felt like a safe place for me. Working here has boosted my confidence and enabled me to interact with many students. My favorite thing about studying at Lincoln University is that I have friends from many different countries. I’ve had the chance to get to know them and their cultures intimately.

The professors at are friendly and always motivate us to participate in class activities, and they value our opinions. Also, the school provides scholarships for international students, and I've been fortunate to receive it twice. Lincoln is a really close community, and students feel an emotional connection to the university, which is the best thing about it.

Being an International student is very hard sometimes, but these challenging situations teach us the greatest lessons. I'm grateful that I've learned so many things, and grown so much, in these two years.



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