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5 useful hints on how to resist negative influence

Being positive and resistant to any negative external influence is a useful professional and spiritual skill. Empathy is the ability to recognize and feel the emotions of other people. Sympathy is a feeling of compassion for others. Feeling “empathy” means absorbing the pain, suffering, and other negative emotions that can affect you. Have you ever been in a room with a negative person? If the answer is yes then you know how toxic that energy can be. Learning not to absorb the negative energy of other people is a great spiritual skill. Here are 5 ways to protect yourself from the evil influence of other people.

Remember that you cannot please everyone:

When someone complains about something to you, the best way is not to react pleasing this person. This will only draw power out of you and create dependence on his/her opinion on the invisible energy level.

Unfortunately, not everyone will love you. People live on earth for another purpose. First, love yourself. That way you will create a force field that will serve as protection from the influence of other people’s opinions. Also keep in mind that you cannot change anyone and/or anything but yourself! The mission of your life is to become the better version of yourself, disregarding external factors.

Invite other people into your life carefully:

Your body, mind, and immediate surroundings are your temple. Who will you invite to enter your private space? Will it be an open invitation? Do people have to wipe their feet before they come in, or you will allow them to drag dirt into your soul? It is really up to you. However, you should know that if one day you give a man a piece of bread, the next day he/she will ask for a loaf. Letting someone staying for the weekend may end up as a stay for a week (or two!). Respect yourself and know your boundaries, do not let anyone cross your comfort zone. Indeed, being generous and kind is essential and important. However, there is a fine line that you need to stick to so that you are not trampled. Learn to say no and feel good about yourself!

Stop paying attention to stupid people!

The parasite needs a host to survive. When you pay attention to someone else, you give him/her your time. Energy vampire’s aim is to steal your thoughts and that will reduce your energy level. Some people will drop their negative energy on you, and then go to the next victim. A friendly ear is probably a wonderful thing, but there is, again, a line that no one has the right to cross. In case someone pours out his/her frustrations about work or a relationship, or even their successful achievements on you, be alert, all these emotions can drain you and change your life in a negative way. Love yourself, stop people or tell them that you are not ready to listen to it right now. That way you will be not absorbing their poisonous energy.

Breathe and walk in nature. Take time to be with yourself!

Go outside, if possible to nature - meditate, relax and breathe. Drink clean water, eat good food, and exercise. Move like a butterfly: gently, but quickly. Breathing increases blood circulation throughout the body and helps prevent energy from being absorbed from people around you. Walk with confidence, lift your head up, and do not let anyone spoil your mood. The caterpillar eats everything around it and becomes fat and stationary. Therefore it must first become light in order to fly.

Take 100% responsibility for your thoughts and emotions

The way you feel - is 100% your responsibility. The universe sends people into our lives to test us. Our perception of ourselves is stronger than the opinion of others. You are not a victim, and no one has power over you. Envision how your thoughts or expectations manifest themselves in a situation that bothers you. What if everything depends on your level of patience, irritability, or compassion? Once you take responsibility for your reactions, you will connect with yourself on a deeper level. I would suggest, creating positive situations for yourself to increase your energy level. When you are with someone, ask yourself - do you feel good around this person? Is this person well near you? You deserve to be happy and the time has come to realize that! The science of protecting oneself from other people’s energies begins with self-love. Remember that you deserve happiness, joy, and peace. It is normal to say “no”, and only you are the creator of your life! Keep calm and keep going.

- Maria Boukhval

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