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Alumni Spotlight

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Don’t worry, good things will come to you. Just keep up the good work and stay positive.

Q. Tell us about the whole experience of working in the US. Was it difficult for you to get in the job market?

Working in the US for the first time is something you can do, but only with a lot of patience and by devoting time to look for jobs that is going to suit you. With the MBA degree from Lincoln University and taking the knowledge of Arabic language as an advantage, I got the job I always wanted.

Q. How would you describe the job market from a perspective of an MBA student?In this highly competitive job market, it is not only enough to get your MBA degree. You must add some technical skills if you are looking for a job in the Bay Area.

Q. Did the experience of finding a job in a new country scare you, considering that your only work experience was in your home country, Jordon?

I had 7 years of experience in the banking sector in Jordan, but I was still scared. Many people believe you need to have US-based experience in order to get a job here, but it’s not necessary.

Q. What has been the most difficult aspect of starting a career in the US?

The people who warned me about companies only wanting candidates with experience in the US was true to an extent. All companies prefer candidates with US working experience, however you need be able to showcase your abilities like how I used my proficiency in Arabic to my advantage.

Q. Were there any surprises along the way?

I was surprised at how long the interview process is in US (laughs).

Q. So, what’s next for you? Now, I’m planning to test my entrepreneurial skills and open my own business.

Q. How do you think Lincoln University has helped you reach where you are?Looking back, the highly educated faculty and amazing administrative staff helped me learn a lot, from basic knowledge about how a real business works to analyzing complicated real-life business cases to solve problems, Lincoln taught me it all!

Q. On a fun note, who has been your favorite professor?

My all-time favorite professor is Alex Anokhin.

Q. As an alumni what suggestions do you have for our current students?

Don’t worry, good things will come to you. Just keep up the good work and stay positive.

Q. Any message for our Lincoln family?Just to thank you all for being such an awesome family.

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