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Career Services Garage

Be yourself! Dream big! And drop by our office sometime!

As the latest addition to Lincoln University, the Career Services department thrives with the mission to provide opportunities for students to enhance their career by exploratory learning through self-knowledge, understanding of the world of work, job search skills development and decision-making. We are here to assist students with fostering their interviewing skills, resume writing, and developing other job seeking skills. We, the Career Services Advisors, are pleased to introduce ourselves

Roxy Blank is ecstatic and honored to be a part of the Career Services department at Lincoln University. Equipped with over 10 years of operations, marketing and sales management in the fields of wellness, market research, and education, Roxy is ready to share the applicable knowledge she has garnered with her experiences and hopes that it translates into LU students securing a brighter future for themselves. Hosting life skills workshops, seeking job and scholarship opportunities, and improving communication skills are her top priorities for Career Services. Additionally, Roxy has been a chess instructor for over 13 years and is looking forward to hosting and expanding the chess club at LU. In her free time, Roxy spends her time developing her entrepreneurial endeavors, writing, and hiking in the woods and urban jungle with her dog, Jameson.

Maria Boukhval is glad to be a part of Career Services at Lincoln University. Maria believes that development is the main goal of a human being’s life. In order to become a better version of yourself it is important to learn every day. Growth and improvements of personal and professional skills are the cornerstones of success. Maria has over 12 years of professional experience in hospitality, travel, event and real estate industries, specializing in marketing, operations and human resources management. Maria is willing and able to share her knowledge, learn and assist students in their desire to grow and find their career path. As Vice-President of the LUSA organization, Maria enriches the lives of students by playing a large role in the governing of the student body. Moreover, Maria teaches German for beginners biweekly on the LU campus. Her interests range from sports & travel to astrology and positive thinking!

What did you miss at the Resume Writing Workshop?

Resume Writing

Resumes are our first impressions to prospective employers. What is a Resume? What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)? Are they different? Yes. A Resume is a short, all-inclusive summary of skills, experiences, and education through which we gain employment or an interview. A Curriculum Vitae is as long as it needs to be, with area-specific listings of education, academic background, experiences, and qualifications in detail.

Ideal Resume

A good resume has clear, concise, and complimentary content. It highlights work history, educational accomplishments, technical skills, and awards. The length of a resume depends on the candidate’s level or progress in his or her career. One page for entry level, two pages for mid-level, and one page for upper management positions. Use legible fonts of size eleven or twelve points. Also, use bolds and italics for emphasis and to denote separation. Make sure to include name and contact information in the beginning, followed by a brief self-summary or objective dedicated to the position you’re applying for. To communicate relevance, include work experiences of six months or more. Add skills, academic history, volunteer work, and awards. Hobbies may be added if needed. Do not post photos, non-professional email addresses, physical descriptions, marital status, date of birth, disabilities, and unclear designs.


Hard skills and soft skills form the skillset of a candidate. Hard skills are the most important job-related skills for a position without which the work cannot be completed. Java programming is an example of a hard skill for a software developer. Skills like integrity or discretion are intangible, as they motivate and decide basic behaviors and attitudes of candidates, and these are examples of soft skills. The best way to work soft skills into the resume is in places used to describe oneself. The best resumes highlight both work history and skills toward the specific position one is applying to. Writing a single resume and sending it to many employers is a common practice, and while this resume may reflect who we are professionally, it does not meet the specific needs of the position advertised by the employer.

John Doe

For example, John Doe is a data entry clerk applying for a job at a newspaper company. He has come to know that there is a clerk position open. He has not taken the time to research the company’s services, values, and the position’s job description. Nevertheless, he applies with his Resume which he has sent to many other employers. The company views hundreds of Resumes and finds fifty candidates with almost the same experiences and skills. The next step for the company would be to see if there are any candidates that fit their specific needs mentioned in the job description. The selection has come down to twenty candidates who can all do the work needed. Thanks to Mr. Doe’s extensive work experience, he is one of the twenty. What would the employer look for next, before calling the final candidates for the interview? The company looks at value and culture fit individuals that resonate with the company’s vision, mission, and values. Either they call in the individuals who are real cultural fits or the ones who dedicated the time and effort to learn about the company.

Action Verbs and Keywords

Using action verbs will demonstrate to an employer that the candidate “took action”, produced results, and contributed significantly. Always begin the descriptions of your experience with words such as Accomplish, Consult, Enforce, Investigate, Manage, Negotiate, Pioneer, and Represent. Words like these powerfully encapsulate your actions in the minds of recruiters.

-Ashi M. Idicula

Credits - Roxy & Maria, Career Services, Lincoln University

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