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Brainchild of LU Partnership with Top Indian Universities

One of the greatest attributes of Lincoln University is its incredible diversity, attracting students and faculty from around the world. 

MBA students spend one year at Universal AI and one year at Lincoln.

Lincoln University's commitment to providing the best learning outcomes for international students led to a collaboration between Lincoln University in Oakland, California, Universal AI University in Karjat, Maharashtra, and Ganpat University in Mehsana, Gujarat.

Diagnostic Imaging students spend two years at Ganpat and then two years at Lincoln.

This unique partnership has proven a resounding success, empowering students to seamlessly blend their academic pursuits between their home universities in India and the esteemed Lincoln University in the United States, enhancing their overall global learning experience.

Uday Ghosh, President's Advisor & Faculty of Business Administration

I, Uday Ghosh, President's Advisor and Faculty of Business Administration, bring a wealth of experience garnered over 37 years in the corporate world to this collaboration. My extensive MNC exposure spans Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. I served as the Managing Director for a German MNC in the Consumer Electronics sector for 30 years, overseeing markets in Asia, Africa, The Middle East, and CIS.

My background allows me to contribute a unique perspective to this alliance, bridging the gap between academia and industry. Students involved in this partnership benefit not only from the academic excellence of the institutions but also from insights gained through real-world corporate experience. 

In an era where global education is becoming increasingly interconnected, the collaboration between Lincoln University, Universal AI University, and Ganpat University is a shining example of how institutions from different parts of the world can come together to create an educational ecosystem that benefits students globally. As this initiative continues to flourish, it strengthens the ties between these institutions and paves the way for more innovative and inclusive approaches to international education, blending academic rigor with practical industry knowledge.



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