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  • Danny Egbuche

Treasures in San Francisco

March 3, 2023

Danny Egbuche - Photographer & Videographer

The tour organized by Lincoln University to the San Francisco Public Library was a remarkable experience. The journey began at the bustling 12th Street BART station. We disembarked at Civic Center station, and headed to the San Francisco City Hall, an imposing structure that exudes an aura of ancient Rome.

Next, we made our way to the main branch of the SF Public Library, where we were greeted with a treasure trove of knowledge spanning eons. It was founded in 1897, and the new location opened in 1996. The vast collection of books was awe-inspiring, and I gained a glimpse into the library's resources and significance.

After a fascinating visit to the library, we stopped by the iconic Ferry Building for lunch. The waterfront marketplace was abuzz with activity, and the food options were diverse and delicious.

Towards the end of the trip we took a leisurely ferry ride back to Jack London Square in Oakland, enjoying the stunning views of the San Francisco Bay. Overall, the tour was an idyllic adventure that reminded me of the value of meaningful experiences. It reinforced the idea that while trips and tours can be purchased, it's the memorable experiences that are truly priceless.

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