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Who Will Be Our Next Leader?

Get to know your candidates — and cast your vote!

From Left : Maria Boukhval (Presidential Candidate), Yayah Ghaith (Vice Presidential Candidate), Nasrina Hossain Ferdousi Anamika (Presidential Candidate), Yelena Balyuba (Presidential Candidate)

We asked students what they wanted to know about their next LUSA president. Here are answers to five of those questions.

1. What do you feel are the two biggest issues facing students in the university?


1. Students think the university doesn’t have enough text books.

2. Parking and financial issues.


Housing & Insurance, Career Planning (Internships/Externships)


One of the biggest issues of LU students is homesickness, since the majority of our students are international. Being away from home for a long period of time and adjusting to a new lifestyle can be very hard. Secondly, the lack of communication and time management. LU students are trying to study, live alone, maintain a social life, and possibly work some sort of job. Students don’t have the “time” to communicate with university staff and participate in events.

2. What changes would you like to make for Lincoln University students?


With my work experience at the Library, I want to help students realize they do not need to depend on books only, but can also use electronic resources. And I’ll try to get them more engaged and involved in events. I will reach out to the Alumni network and invite them in occasionally. I want to make our Lincoln website more attractive. And, I would like to see some of the money collected from some events used for student welfare, for those who are going through bad financial issues. I want to bring more life back to the campus with these improvements.


Communication between students and the administration, increasing diversity and equal opportunities for all students, and introducing merit-based positions at the University - to gain experience before getting a job outside. This will increase the confidence level of students. Also, making events meaningful to the majority of students according to the life-balance cycle. Encouraging, inspiring and engaging students to make changes with us for the development of each individual and Lincoln University.


I would like to assist and participate in decisions affecting the educational experience of students and make sure that their voice is heard by the administration. I will also organize more events, workshops, career fairs and sport activities for students.

3. How can you help improve networking among students?


I am really open and friendly, and because of my work most of the students know me and are comfortable with me. I also talk to everyone when I see them in the Student Lounge, in classes, or anywhere I meet them. And that’s how I got to know about students  issues with books, finances, and parking. I believe only communication can help improve relations and create networks. And, I am good at communicating.


Organizing various groups on social media. Before coming to the university potential students will have a chance to chat with seniors about housing, health insurance, and subjects and programs that they will be able to take.


There’s never going to be another time quite like college where you’re surrounded by thousands of smart and interesting people and I believe that everyone should take advantage of that. I would start groups and clubs that you can join to expand your opportunities and meet people, both on and off-campus.

4. How would you increase student engagement in campus activities?


We send students emails and Facebook announcements, and also use posters, but it's not enough to get them to engage in activities. So my plan is, before each event I will talk to them in the Student Lounge, in my classes, or the library, and explain to them that if we attend those events it will help make us more extroverted, and help us develop our communication skills. And also, we will get to learn about different cultures and share in each other’s experiences, and get to know each other better. These experiences will help us in our future life. I believe if we explain the importance and benefit of their participation, they will become more involved.


1. Make a survey where students propose events they want to go to, what they want to change, and maybe introduce new programs and some courses online;

2. Make presentations about events and make e-sign-up and pre-paid events;

3. Negotiate with professors to give extra points to those who participate;

4. Give bonuses like books, amazon cards, gift cards, to students who go often. For example, in the Housing Program the apartment that is the most maintained gets cinema tickets for free;

5. Most important, inform them about the advantages of the event and benefits that they will get;

6. Join events with other universities and communities (like alumni, business people);

7. Ask students to organize events as an opportunity to share their skills.


I will communicate with students through emails, social media and promote the events on campus and in classes during the break times.

5. In your debate, you said WHAT you are going to do. Can you relate that with HOW you are going to accomplish these goals and WHY you are the only one to do it?


My focus was on sorting out book issues, website improvements, inviting alumni to school, and organizing a few new events. If I become student leader, they will come to me first with problems. So for book issues, I can solve them on the spot by guiding them with electronic resources. For the website, the VP candidate and I have already talked to a few people who can help us improve the website. And for alumni, we will reach out by email and I am confident they will be so happy to help us. And earlier also I mentioned the importance of communication. I want to work as a team with students. I am a well-rounded student so professors know me well and I can work as a bridge to connect students, faculty and staff together.


I will do the following:

1) Create a list of events that are important for personal and professional development;

2) Make a survey for students to choose from;

3) Based on the outcome of the survey & other necessary events, I’ll plan the academic calendar (implementing the problem-solution approach).

I believe I can do it best due to several factors:

1) Experienced professional (from hospitality to IT);

2) Diverse and multicultural (traveled to more than 30 countries);

3) I am a people person.

I believe in accumulated power and togetherness, kindness and peace. Moreover, learning is essential for the meaning and progress of life. I am willing and able to share my experience with others. As LUSA President, I will stand for the importance of progress/development, success and growth!


I believe that LUSA shouldn’t be just about what me or my team wants to change or improve. LUSA’s work should be based on student’s opinion. I will conduct a survey to help me better understand student needs and wishes. I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing for Lincoln students and improving what students think actually needs improvement. After being a Lincoln student and staff member for 4 years, I believe that I am the best person to present students opinion to the administration and faculty.

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