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A collaboration agreement between Lincoln University and Ganpat University, India

Dr. Mikhail Brodsky and Mr. Ganpat Patel - the President of Ganpat University

Good news for students and faculty members, as Lincoln University has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the leading universities in India, Ganpat University, located in Gujarat. In a time where globalization has been internalized in every aspect of the world, including education, both universities have understood that and accelerated the process of forming alliances and fostering relationships with like-minded institutions. Alliances like these can develop sustainable university partnerships by building effective engagement mechanisms and enhancing the learning experience of our students.

Uday Kumar Ghosh has taken the initiative to accomplish this collaboration. As the

prosperity of student and university are in most cases co-dependent, there are a number of reasons why these alliances are beneficial.

The primary benefit of partnerships like these is international exposure. Both universities are willing to cooperate to provide international education and practical training for Ganpat University students to strengthen their educational experience and better serve the management industry by gaining additional knowledge and skills through this collaboration. This alliance also benefits both university as it enables a deeper understanding of the culture of other nations.

A strategic partnership between Lincoln University and other universities in the world - Ganpat University Edition

Building a network around the globe opens the door to future collaboration and innovation. One of five of the world’s scientific papers is co-authored internationally. As a result of the collaboration, academics and researchers will find it easier to make the exchange of academic ideas.

There are numerous examples of extremely successful university alliances in the world. Lincoln University and Ganpat University may prove to be another one. It might pave the road for future alliances, as we are looking to invest in cross-cultural university partnerships.

Find out more information about Ganpat University: www.ganpatuniversity.ac.in/