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It was a weekend night. I hopped into his truck. He said he was going to cover my eyes for a special surprise. I loved the idea and played along. I began to bug him with questions. He decided to keep the suspense. I rolled down my windows and a really cold breeze rushed onto my face. That was strange, as it was the middle of summer. I was caught off guard when he started driving off-road, where I could feel stones poking the tires. That excited me a lot. The truck came to a stop with a screeching noise on rubbly stones. He took hold of my hands and got me out of the truck. The air was even cooler than the breeze that rushed on my face previously. I held his hand tightly as we walked for a couple of minutes on a rough and elevated path. We came to a halt and he had asked me to lie down. I sat down with him and laid my curious head on the ground. He took off the scarf that covered my eyes, which by then had adapted to darkness. As my eyes adjusted, I saw stars. I could literally see thousands of them, clear and glimmering, each one more brilliant than the next. It was a rejuvenating sight for my sore eyes. Back in the city, the stars aren’t visible at all because of the lights, or maybe we never take the time to pause and ponder the sky. I kissed him thank you, cherishing him and the amazing scene in my heart.

Ashi M. Idicula