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On April 16, 2019 the annual Cultural Day was held at Lincoln University. Cultural Day is one of the most popular events of the year. It is a celebration of community that brings the whole school together to appreciate the traditions and unique backgrounds of our students.

This is also one of the events that students are excited to take part in. Preparing traditional dishes, informational posters, presentations, and performances honoring their home countries is a way to share what you hold dear with your friends. This time we had 17 countries represented and the preparation for many of them, as I was told, continued until the early morning of the event.

I think it is undeniable that events like Cultural Day really shine light on students’ talents and encourage the whole community to work together to create something that will empower them. The major discovery of this Cultural Day was the multitude of talents for performing arts among our students. This is where the idea of starting a Cultural Club appeared, to give everyone a place to share their skills and talents.

I would like to thank the LUSA (Lincoln University Student Association) team for making this event possible. They started the preparations days before the event and were working hard and with so much enthusiasm to make it one of our best Cultural Days in recent years. In my opinion, they have succeeded.

With so many photos capturing the color and spirit of the occasion it was difficult to choose which ones to use here. Hopefully, these will do justice to the talents of the participants.

Everyone had a fabulous time and we are looking forward to the next Cultural Day!

Click Here to see the pictures.

-Ana Maria Gower


Student Services Department