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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

In Lincoln University’s 100th graduation ceremony, the massive arena of the Scottish Rite Temple echoed the success of hundreds of students. It was a proud moment for the University, which has shone relentlessly for a century, as a beacon of hope to aspiring students. There is little doubt that the founder, Officer Benjamin Franklin Lickey, would be amazed by the fighting spirit of this great institution.

The Scottish Rite Temple is a beautiful venue across from by Lake Merritt, and this year it was filled with 153 graduates and hundreds of their family and friends. The ceremony hosted dignitaries and our honorable President Mikhail Brodsky. The speakers grounded us with their life experiences and their experiences at Lincoln University. Student performances helped liven up the ceremony, and showed the diverse talents that exist in our University, with dancing and singing traditions from around the globe. Ms. Assemgul Nurakhmetova, Mr. Faisal K. Ahmed and Ms. Chandani Ramyamajhi gave fabulous dance performances. The last entertainment break was songs by Mr. Ebubechukwu V. Obioma and Mr. Bashir M. Rumy. The keynote speaker was Mr. Aaron Samson, an actor, storyteller, marketer and businessman. He shared his personal story and left us with a helpful bit of wisdom: Do not let others define who you are and what you are capable of.

- Ashi Idicula

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